How Improving Essay Writing Skills Can Impact You as a Content Writer

You may often see on the Internet phrases like: “Everyone who wrote essays well at school will easily master content writing!” At first glance, this is a rather controversial statement. In this article, I decided to analyze the relationship between the quality of school essays and the ability to write content.

The development of literacy is a plus; without it, content writing is off limits. After all, we had to write texts that were checked by the teacher. Identified errors in the essays were read and explained to the whole class, and on the paper, they were highlighted with red paste. It is much easier for students now. They can simply find cheap essay writing services to help them with their essay writing so that the students do not have to worry about the teacher finding mistakes in the paper.

Writing essays on uninteresting topics helps

The fact that students were forced to write essays on topics that were terribly uninteresting, irrelevant, or simply incomprehensible can also be called a very interesting fact. They had to “procrastinate” over the topic, using template phrases and conclusions.

On the one hand, the compulsion to produce essays on uninteresting topics killed the creativity of thought, squeezing it into the narrow framework of the school curriculum. And if you dig deeper – isn’t that what a content writer does every day? Having gained at school the ability to analyze and synthesize uninteresting information, he or she will not be tormented by an article about the range of plumbing siphons or with a comparison of the loan programs of American banks. The ability to quickly and thoughtfully process any information is a very important quality for those who decide to devote themselves to content writing.

Today, they want to remove such a concept as “essay” from the educational program altogether. The reason is that this only torments the fragile students’ minds. The problem is this: to write a text; you first need to collect information – that is, read and analyze. Reading is very difficult for students: computer games, social networks, and TV take up all the time and provide a ready-made information product. Why write texts on your own if there are thousands of options for ready-made essays on the Internet? Choose!

Features of an essay as a type of content

  • A variety of topics. The subject of reasoning in the essay can be personal observations of the writer or a scientific fact. In this type of essay, you can reflect on any everyday or scientific topic.
  • The essay should have the main idea (a thesis statement). A thesis statement is a point of view that is substantiated or proven. Its length is one sentence. As a thesis, you can take a quote from a well-known person, a fictional or real fact, an event, and so on.
  • Factuality. A writer should remember that an essay is some kind of research work. The essay contains facts and arguments, which a writer should group around the thesis. There is one fact per paragraph. Despite the slight scientific nature, a writer writes the text in a language understandable to readers.

It is essential to adhere to the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Sticking to the structure, you will keep your text consistent and logical. Add epigraphs, excerpts from books, quotes of famous personalities – so the essay will become interesting.

How essays work in content writing

They write texts of this genre to form the reputation of the customer. Most often, people who need to present an expert opinion on a specific issue need this type of content. By presenting the target audience with the writer’s own “natural” view of the issue that worries readers, he or she can build relationships with potential customers.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the benefits of essays for business and consider them to be the lot of students. Yes, it doesn’t generate direct sales. But on the other hand, this is an excellent means of presenting a good image, which inclines the buyer to purchase your product.

Indeed every product has good and dubious sides. A writer should tell about them. He or she should provide different viewpoints and make sure to give his or her opinion. Such a text is excellent at exposing myths. A writer should find out what product’s consumers think of it and carefully disprove views that are “not beneficial” to you (if possible).

Keep in mind that essays are more “alive” than standard articles on the website blogs, so they are pleasant to read. They present the author as an intelligent person trying to find a solution to an urgent problem.

Do you want to attract more readers to the website? Post colorful and valuable, outstanding and informative essays. Always check grammar.


To summarize my thoughts: yes, indeed, people who wrote essays well at school have acquired skills useful for content writing (literacy, the ability to independently process information). And in this case, it can be argued that school knowledge came in handy in practice and everyday life.

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