Is online communication not enough to find a wife? Book a mail order bride tour for a new experience. Learn how professional marriage tours help singles find their soulmates.

Romance Tours: Find Mail Order Bride In Her Environment

Romance tours are a service offered by mail order bride online platforms where men can travel to another country and find the girl of their dreams. Professionals arrange these tours, so they include everything: housing, places to visit, and a wider choice of single women with interpreters if needed. Some packages include not only airfare and accommodation but also meetings with women arranged in advance. However, the most important feature of these tours is that they provide legal assistance for a person planning marriage migration.

Types of mail order wife romance tours

These tours have originated in Russia but soon they’ve become a global phenomenon spread all around the globe. Currently, it's possible to distinguish three basic types of tours depending on the girls' origin.

Asian romance tours are organized in countries of eastern Asia, including China, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and others. European romance tours invite men to several countries of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Moldova, among others. Many males are eager to meet a woman similar to Jennifer Lopez or Shakira, so they go on Latin romance tours to countries including but not limited to Columbia, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico.

There's one more way to differentiate these tours: group tours are organized for several men who travel to one country, while solo tours don't involve any competition and let men enjoy the trip alone.

Russian wife tours and what they're like

Russian bride tours are tours arranged by mail order bride platforms with female members in Russia. There are 2 types of Russian wife tours: group and solo tours. Group tours are less expensive, but the heightened competition between men may cause some inconveniences. A solo tour is more expensive, but you have no competition, more chances, and a better atmosphere. The most popular cities for Russian bride tours are Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Russian bride tours are usually held in large cities such as Moscow, so there are lots of things that you can do there with the girl. Make sure that your Russian wife tours don’t go to waste and give you the best possible results! Prepare the most romantic places that you could visit with the girl before going on Russian bride tours, and you’re bound to have success.

Asian Dating Tours: Benefits Over Online Dating

An Asia bride tour allows you to meet women in person and date them in another environment. Compared to online dating, you can express yourself a lot better and assess the girl much easier as well. The most popular and romantic destinations for this mail order bride tour are the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and China.

Moreover, an Asia bride tour gives you many opportunities which you can use to make the girl fall in love with you. Do your research before going on Asian dating tours, and visit as many sightseeing and beautiful places as you can with the girl. This increases the chances of your mail order bride tour being successful by a lot and also shows the bride that you’ve put in the effort and aren’t just trying your luck.

Ukrainian Romance Tours: What They Offer and How You Benefit

A Ukraine wife tour is your chance to meet, date, and later marry a girl. During Ukraine brides tours, you can visit such cities as Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and a few other major ones. Ukrainian mail order brides like gentlemen who are attentive and can listen closely to them.

In addition, if you plan on going on a Ukraine wife tour, you should know that Ukrainian girls like confident guys. During Ukraine brides tours, it’s better if you try to be more open-minded and talkative. It’ll instantly put you on the same vibe as the girl! Also, don’t forget that every woman has her hobbies. So, when you get the opportunity, try to show interest in her activities during Ukrainian romance tours.

Colombian bride tours: your best opportunity to find the girl of your dreams

Colombian mail order bride tours are fun trips that you take part in. The goal is for you to meet and date a single woman so that you can later continue your life with her. This Latin romance tour allows you to meet Colombian women in person and gives you lots of perks while dating them. Colombian bride tours usually take place in such cities as Bogota, Kali, and Medellin. You get a full set of options prepared for you, but the tour itself is cheap as well.

Try to prepare as much as you can before the Colombian mail order bride tours to get the most out of them and increase your chances of success. Why does this increase your chances in a Latin romance tour, you might ask? That’s because Colombian women like to travel a lot and see things with their partners. That’s why if you take the girl to all kinds of places on Colombian bride tours, you’re bound to win a place in her heart.

International romance tours vs fling tours: are they the same?

There are people who believe that romance tours are the same as the ones for flings. But it's a great mistake. Men go on mail order bride tours to meet a woman for romantic affairs and serious relationships, while the second type of tour offers nothing except for satisfying physical urges. Mail order bride services don't want to be associated with simply having fun. They aim at connecting people with higher moral values who look for family ties, kids laughing, and home comfort.

How it works?

It's a new experience to meet girls in their customary ecosystem, so how does it work for men? Males who want to travel to another country to get a wife should contact the representatives of these platforms. They will buy tickets and provide accommodation in the destination country. Also, such representatives organize parties, social events, walks around the city, and sightseeing tours accompanied by one or several beautiful ladies from the list of candidates. Every MOB service has its own procedure, but usually, men can express their personal preferences for women they want to meet face-to-face. As an alternative, they may attend group dates to get to know ladies better.

8 stages to complete in mail order bride tours

Most males clearly understand how to find a mail order bride online, but international romance tours may seem unpredictable. To help you out, here are the most common stages to complete when you decide to get a bride abroad using this exclusive service:

  1. Choose an online platform to order a tour.
  2. Look through the girls' profiles to decide on which ones to meet. These can be ladies you have already communicated with.
  3. Decide on the group or solo tour you plan to have.
  4. Sign up an agreement and process the payment.
  5. Board a plane and start your trip on a set date.
  6. Enjoy all kinds of entertainment arranged for you.
  7. Meet ladies, socialize with them, make your choice, and start romantic relationships.
  8. You can exchange contacts with a girl to continue your dating online, invite her to your motherland, or even register a marriage.


As you can see, romance tours are a perfect opportunity to make the process of meeting women for marriage similar to traditional acquaintances. You can also learn the potential wife's cultural traditions and language or even meet her family. Why not use this unique chance to speed up building your happy family life?

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