Pro Tips for Packing Your Beauty Products

All of us would like to be one of those people who pack light when going on a trip, but this can be quite a challenge. While you may decide not to wear ten cocktail dresses for a ten-day trip, or only wear one pair of flats and one pair of high heels instead of ten pairs of shoes, the situation is much more complicated when it comes to toiletries. Every beauty lover knows that they need all of their usual skincare and makeup products with them, even if they are about to go on a very short trip. Your skincare, as well as makeup routine, is not something you want to change while on a holiday, so, you may need some help in order to pack all of your essentials. Don’t worry, as we bring you a few tips on how to make your beauty packing list like a professional.

Pack or buy depending on the duration of your trip

First thing first, you should consider the length and the location of your trip to see whether you need to carry all of your toiletries with you or you can buy some of them. So, if you are going on a two or three-day trip and/or to a location where you aren’t sure that you will be able to find your favorite moisturizer and mascara, you should then pack these essentials in your suitcase. On the other hand, if you are about to go on a two-week holiday to a summer destination where you can easily go to the local Sephora and get your beauty essentials, you should do so when you arrive, and only carry the absolute minimum of products with you. This will save you a lot of time once you start packing and you will not have to worry about the allowed amount of products that most airplane companies require.

Hair care products

For many girls, just a few silk scrunchies will be all the hair essentials they need, as their hair will look perfect even when they wash it with the shampoo and conditioner from the hotel bathroom. If you don’t belong to this group of the blessed ones, then you can buy refillable plastic bottles and pots that are approved for traveling and fill them with your favorite hair care products. Moreover, if you are about to go to an exciting holiday destination where you will be spending the day swimming and sunbathing, you must take extra care of your hair which means you need to bring one of your best hair brushes, styling cream and hair clips. But you can also try to give it a break from hot tools and unnecessary styling and opt for natural looks. In case you want to look extra cute for a dinner at a nice restaurant, pack some high-quality ponytail hair extensions and use them to make sleek ponytails. This kind of hairstyle is easy to make and looks just perfect with a pair of high-heels and a romantic, spaghetti straps dress. What is more, hair extensions are also great if you plan to spend the day at a beach club and want to look extra chic. Another great hairstyle are heatless and gorgeous waves that you can create if the night before you braid your hair. Sleep with the braids and in the morning simply run your fingers through the hair to get this romantic hairdo.

Skincare products

When it comes to your regular face cleanser, moisturizer, face masks, and makeup remover, you can try to find these products in a mini, sample size and make the packing task much easier. The best option is what we have already mentioned, to buy them at your final destination. Moreover, one product you absolutely mustn’t forget to pack in your toiletry case is a good sunscreen. If you want to avoid carrying liquids in your carry-on, try the popular and amazing sunscreen sticks. They have become extremely popular recently, and it’s no wonder, as sunscreen sticks offer great protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays without making your skin greasy and without leaving any residue.

Makeup must-haves

There is no shortcut to having all of your makeup products on your trip, yet packing light. However, you might save time and space by opting for 2-in-1 products. For example, you can pack a face mist that will at the same time hydrate your face, prime it for the makeup, and you can also use it as a setting spray. A great option are creamy tinted products that you can use as a blush and as a lip tint. This will give your face a well-rounded look, and you will have to carry one less product in your carry-on. Also, some brands offer mini-sized mascaras and when it comes to your chosen perfume, you should get a sample of it, which you carry even in your purse.

Finally, packing all your beauty essentials can be a fun task if you know all of the above-mentioned tips. You shouldn’t sacrifice your beauty routine even if you will be away just for a couple of days, but you also shouldn’t worry too much. Take care of your skin, opt for light makeup looks, and give your hair a break from too much styling.



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