The Top Blockchain Universities

If learning about blockchain is of interest to you during your post secondary education, it’s important to find a University that will provide you with relevant information. While there aren’t any Universities that specialize in blockchain content alone, there are several institutes heading towards cryptocurrency related education. Here are the top Universities you should consider going to if you are wanting to expand your knowledge on blockchain technology.

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is notably one of the first Universities to embrace blockchain technology. This embracement is reflected by the multiple blockchain research centers, conferences, clubs and partnerships with technology companies. NUS is a computer focused school and is quickly adapting to the high demand for blockchain centered education. The National University of Singapore offers research-heavy courses and values entrepreneurship and revolutionary ideas. This University is the best suited for students interested in engaging with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency programming. “NUS is the highest rated University that offers blockchain resources. This institution has paved the way for fellow engineering and technology Universities, inspiring them to update their course content,” shares Chad Pope, blockchain writer at Bestbritishessays and OX Essays.

University of California Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley is one of the greatest engineering schools. There is no surprise that they are hopping on the cryptocurrency trend. Berkeley has developed a variety of blockchain courses. There is an entry level course called Blockchain Fundamentals DeCal. It introduces students to the world of blockchain programming. There are two free courses as well that educate students on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency technology. The Blockchain Developers Decal course is for individuals who want to specialize in blockchain engineering specifically. Whether you want to learn the basics or become an expert, University of California Berkeley has flexible options for your needs and learning interests.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology specializes in business and technology related career paths. They are incorporating crypto-economics into the education opportunities within their University. RMIT is prioritizing the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain through business startegies. RMIT also has a dedicated team of researchers who are investing their time into the blockchain world so that they can advance their resources for students. “This institution recognizes the value that blockchain contains. Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology are seeking out an economic revolution through this technology,” declares Rita Crawford,  journalist at Elite assignment help and Revieweal.

University of Zurich

The University of Zurich has an entire center dedicated to blockchain research. It first opened in 2017, and now gives students a range of academic activities. The UZH Blockchain center is home to business, technology, and finance domains. The center is run by 40 researchers and 22 faculty members. The unique approach the University of Zurich is taking on blockchain is important for future engineers.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is another wonderful engineering school. MIT is currently offering online blockchain courses that last 6 weeks. Taking this course is great if you don’t want to dedicate too much time on learning about blockchain technology. You can focus on other technology related paths while also gaining knowledge on cryptocurrency as an MIT student. This course will assist business and finance focused individuals wishing to use blockchain as an economic advantage.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is known for its enriching technological education opportunities. They are heavily involved in the conversation surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In 2018, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University had released a research laboratory for exploring blockchain. There have been many seminars held at the University, sharing insightful information on the future of blockchain technology to eager students.

Blockchain Education

        All around the globe, Universities are starting to develop their own blockchain courses and research departments. There are endless institutes you can attend that will offer education on cryptocurrency. This new type of investing and computer functioning is creating valuable opportunities for a multitude of young individuals. Inspiring engineers, those interested in economics, and people who want to specialize in cryptocurrency alone should try looking in these Universities. In the future, these Universities along with others will likely further prioritize the importance of blockchain.

Technical writer and project coordinator Sara Sparrow, Online assignment help and Lia Help, consults businesses and participates in conferences to share her knowledge of technology and marketing.  In her spare time, she also writes on a wide array of topics for online magazines and blogs like Sociology essay.

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