Tips on Providing Virtual Church Services for Your Congregation

To say the pandemic has touched all aspects of life can feel like a huge understatement. And while some areas of life and business are more affected than others, one way the pandemic created permanent change is how people view gatherings. During lockdowns and COVID restrictions, it was necessary to socially distance from others, but there was still a desire to connect. Suddenly virtual connections were not just popular but necessary. For those who attend church regularly a new and safer option popped up: virtual church.

If you are part of a church and are looking for ways to embrace this modern and convenient trend for your congregation, here are some tips that should help.

Opt for Live Streaming

The first tip is to embrace the concept of live streaming rather than pre-recording content that you then post. Live streaming creates more excitement and interest since participants all experience it in real-time. It has a freshness about it, and it will feel more like an in-person church. Use Melon App’s church streaming tools for your organization so that live streaming isn’t an issue.

After the live streaming session ends it’s wise to post the content to be listened to at a later time. This gives people like shift workers and others who were busy during the service a chance to listen.

Reach Out to Listeners

It’s important to also acknowledge listeners during the session so it feels more personal. If they were attending church in person there would be the benefit of eye contact and the atmosphere the church provides. You need to try to create that same sort of feeling through the computer.

Take Advantage of Real-Time Chat Features

If the platform you are using offers a real-time chat feature this can be a great way to connect with people. You can start discussions, reach out, and engage, making the service more meaningful.

Set-Up Online Donations

Worried about what virtual church will mean to donations? While donations are usually given at church in person, you have the option of setting up an online option for participants. Make sure it’s user-friendly so that even if members aren’t comfortable with their computer they can easily donate. It’s usually best to create a donation link on the church’s website.

Some May Not Feel Comfortable Going Back

Keep in mind that just because things are improving pandemic-wise, many people still don’t feel comfortable attending large gatherings in person. Perhaps they are elderly, immunocompromised or live with someone at-risk. Offering the option to take part in virtual church permanent can help your church to retain its congregation members. It’s about catering to all and providing an inclusive type of atmosphere where each person can feel comfortable.

Virtual Church Is the Way of the Future

If you’re under the impression that virtual church is just a temporary offering it’s time to think again. Now that people have been given this convenience there’s no turning back. Instead, it’s time to embrace it, realize all the benefits it has to offer and work on growing your listener base and community.

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