5 benefits of having intuitive UI

UI stands for user interface. It is a critical determinant of user experience. Having a compelling one is important to survive in the competitive digital space. UI aims to ensure efficiency, intuity, flow and simplicity in interaction. It involves having a good know how of how users perceive a system and how they would like to access it. The user’s view is vital because the system created is meant for them.

It reveals that the determinant factor for success of a UI is consideration of the target audience. It doesn’t matter whether it is a software, mobile application or website.

Here are the benefits you’ll gain from having an intuitive UI.

Customer attraction

Customers are visual which makes a compelling UI their top choice. When developing your UI, consider what will be attractive to them by implementing a modern design structure and other common elements such as logos and colors. It should be something that is comfortable for them to use. In turn, you’ll benefit from a higher customer attraction because your design is user-friendly.

Improved customer retention and engagement

An intuitive UI is interactive making customers want to use your system more. In the process you’ll retain them which gives you a huge business boost because there will be more conversion rates than bounce rates.

Customers will be more willing to engage with your user interface. They’ll be more committed to your brand. There’s nothing more you can ask from them other than loyalty. Having a solid customer base is a huge competitive advantage in the congested and tough markets.

Low cost of support and maintenance

Having a well-structured UI is going to need less maintenance in the short-term. You may upgrade it later to meet the evolving industry, but that’s probably going to take some time. Also, you’ll spend less on support because users are well versed with the interface they are using. The target is to make it beautiful and easy to use.

Less problems

A poorly designed UI will give you all sorts of problems. Nobody wants a system that requires a lot of debugging and maintenance because the costs will skyrocket. Also, it leads to many inconveniences to you and the users. For example, you might have to shut down your system often to maintain it by changing some of the design features.

Some upgrades might be expensive leading you to start over with support, documentation and training. What a burden of a system that is! You can avoid all these by having an exceptional design. We can hook you up at our web development agency in Chicago.

Top productivity

When you invest in developing a system, you are probably targeting certain numbers from metrics. Here’s good news for you. An intuitive UI will help you achieve them. You might not get all that you want, but you’ll get a good level of productivity from your system. It  can be in terms of the finances you are getting back, how often your system is in use or specific metrics like the hourly rates and the number of users.

Final thoughts

An intuitive UI is a must have for your website. Users have high expectations of the kind of systems they use. Give them a user-friendly and top UI design to gain loyalty from them. Consequently you’ll benefit from higher monetary value from brand recognition. Attracting and retaining customers is key. A compelling UI will make the job easy for you. Are you looking to upgrade your UI or start over? The web design agency is the place for you. Get started today to stay ahead of competition while giving your customers the best service in the market.

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