7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Virtual Phone Number For Their International Communications

Are you one of those emerging companies facing problems while managing your international communications? Are you that company that is managing international customers while sitting at home?


If yes, then you have landed on the right article.


Most businesses still use a traditional landline to make a call to the customer who is abroad. Although this phone system helps companies keep in touch with their potential customers, it doesn’t meet all business needs. It has limited features, high setup fees, high roaming charges, high service charges, etc.


And the only solution to this problem is virtual numbers. Cloud-based virtual phone numbers solve all the issues mentioned above. It helps to increase the business's target market, enhance customer satisfaction, increase brand recognition in the international market, and is a cost-effective solution to handle international communication.


If you want to know more about why businesses should use virtual phone numbers for their international communication, we have you covered in this article.

Why Should Businesses Use Virtual Phone Number For Their International Communications?

In today’s world, a virtual phone number has completely changed how a business handles international communications. It offers several facilities like local presence, flexibility to manage calls, record calls, call routing, and many more.


The significant advantage of using virtual phone numbers for international communication is that

like a traditional phone service setting up a virtual phone number doesn’t require physical infrastructure like telephone lines and cables when expanding a business. The cloud-based virtual phone number operates through an internet connection.


Businesses can connect with potential customers from anywhere in the world. This helps businesses to create their image and local presence in the international market, although their physical business isn’t there.


Similarly, businesses can easily manage their incoming and outgoing international calls through any device or location and transfer the calls to the respective departments while having a 24/7 customer support facility.  Additionally, virtual phone numbers have lower international call rates and don't require roaming charges.


In this way, businesses can significantly increase their international reach, customer experience, and operational efficiency by using virtual phone numbers.

7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Virtual Phone Number For Their International Communications

1. Cost Savings

Cloud-based virtual phone numbers are a cost-effective solution for any business that wishes to manage its international outgoing and incoming calls. It is because virtual phone numbers eliminate the need for physical infrastructure and reduce international call rates.


However, it is necessary to ensure that companies have a strong internet connection. There is no need to set up physical phone lines and infrastructure like cables and wires for a virtual phone number in different locations. Instead, virtual numbers use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology, through which calls are transmitted through an internet connection.


Similarly, virtual number facilitates cheap international calls. Businesses don’t have to pay roaming charges. As a result, a company won’t pay high phone call bills monthly and save money.

2. Professional Image

Professional image and credibility are the assets of a business. It helps to increase customer trust and satisfaction. And one way to create a professional image globally is to use a cloud-based virtual number. Virtual number establishes the image of a company in the international market.


A virtual number provides you with a personal and business phone number. It shows you have owned a separate phone number for your business communication, creating a professional image among the clients. Moreover, a virtual number comes with customized voicemail greetings, options to choose different departments by dialing numbers and call routing features that prove that your business is a professional brand.


Not only that, a toll-free virtual number allows a customer to call a company from anywhere around the globe free of charge. Through this, customers get the impression that a business places higher importance on customer satisfaction and is willing to hear their problems and complaints. It will automatically increase the professional image of a company.


Additionally, you can include your brand name in the vanity number. For instance, 833-10APPLE is easy to memorize and increases professionalism.

3. Flexibility and Mobility

Another benefit that a virtual phone provides in terms of international communication is the flexibility and mobility to make a call that isn’t tied to a specific geographical state, country, city, or device.


Businesses can receive incoming and outgoing calls irrespective of their physical location if they have an internet connection. Whether working remotely or abroad, they can always manage their international calls and send and receive business SMS through their laptops or mobile phones.


Likewise, even if they move from one location to another and decide to target new markets, they can simply buy local virtual numbers of that area code.


Similarly, virtual numbers provide flexibility to forward calls to other devices or departments in case you are busy. As a result, there is no chance of missing any calls.

4.  Local Presence

Cloud-based virtual numbers help to establish a local presence in the international markets by creating an impression that the company is physically there. These phone numbers are helpful for those companies that operate online and have the motive to attract clients from all around the world, like call centers.


The two famous virtual number that helps to create a local presence for international communication are a local virtual number with area code and toll free virtual number. 


When a business calls a customer with a local virtual number with a particular area code, the customer identifies the phone coming from their area. This will automatically help to create a local presence for the company.


Similarly, businesses can use toll-free phone numbers in marketing and advertising materials to attract prospective customers from the country you are targeting.


You can get a toll-free virtual number for your business that resonates with your company. So that the target audience can know what your business is about. Try getting vanity toll-free numbers for your campaigns to get the best outcome.

5. Scalability and Growth

Businesses can quickly scale their virtual numbers as their needs increase and expand. A company can simply buy additional virtual numbers to fulfill its growing needs without disruptions and more infrastructure. Likewise, they can remove virtual number users anytime they want.


Additionally, companies can choose packages suitable for them according to their budget from the list of packages offered by the service provider. They can choose what features to include and what to exclude. This will help in the overall growth of the company.

6. Security and Privacy

Cloud-based phone numbers are safe and are loaded with security features. A virtual number is a secure means of communicating with clients. All messages and calls are encrypted in the virtual number. A company doesn’t need to worry about its data being hacked.


Similarly, companies use virtual numbers to separate personal and business communications. As a result, sensitive information won’t leak.

7. Analytics and Insights

Virtual phone number services include call analytics and insights features. With this feature, businesses can obtain valuable data about call volume, call duration, and other metrics, which will help to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, customer preferences, and overall performance of their business.


Call tracking:

Businesses can track incoming and outgoing calls, including the number of calls, call duration, and call source with virtual numbers. Through those data, they will know how many customers call them, their market, and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. 


Call recording:

Another feature included in the virtual number is the call recording feature. Every call is recorded in the virtual number. As a result, businesses can review conversations made with their clients in case they need to remember what they say over the phone. It will also help companies to improve their communication strategies.


As technology evolves, international communication has become much more manageable. You can call a person living in another country with the help of social media apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. However, this isn’t the same case for the businesses. Businesses can’t call their clients through social media platforms. They have to rely on phone calls, SMs, and MMS.


Hence, the concept of virtual numbers has evolved. It provides various benefits for businesses, like cost savings, building a professional image, maintaining a local presence in the local and international markets, flexibility to call from anywhere, and many more.


In this article, we have mentioned seven reasons businesses should use virtual numbers for international communication. This article will help to make change your mind about virtual numbers.


Q. What is a virtual number?

  1.  A virtual number is a cloud-based phone number not associated with physical lines or cellular service. It uses internet connectivity to make and receive a call.

Q. What are the benefits of the virtual phone number?

  1. Some of the benefits of the virtual number are as follows:

     Cost saving

     Professional image

     Local presence

     Flexibility and mobility

     Security and privacy

     Scalability and growth

     Advanced communication features

Q. Is it safe to use a virtual number?

  1. Yes, a virtual number is safe for personal and professional purposes. You don’t need to worry about security concerns like your data being stolen or hacked.



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