What Pool Supplies Do You Need to Keep Your Pool Sparkling?

A clean and sparkling pool is a sight to behold. Don’t you agree? However, it takes effort to ensure your swimming pool is always ready to plunge! From pool heaters and cleaners to accessories and parts, this article covers all the essential supplies you need to keep your pool in pristine condition. Let’s begin, 

  1. Pool Cleaners: 

Pool cleaners are crucial for keeping your pool clean from debris and algae. There are mainly three types of pool cleaners. They are automatic, suction, and pressure pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners are quite popular due to their efficient working and ease of use. The suction and pressure pool cleaners are suitable for people looking to buy budget-friendly options. In the end, it's your unique needs, prefrences, the size of your pool, and budget that will help you pick the right option for you.

  1. Pool heaters: 

A pool heater is the perfect pool equipment if you want to swim in the pool all year round. That is true, especially in winter when the water temperature is too low for swimming pool plays. Usually, there are three types of pool heaters: solar, electric, and gas. Gas-powered pool heaters are fast and efficient, but these can be expensive to run. However, the electric one is energy efficient but may take quite a long time to heat up the pool for a relaxing and cozy swimming session. Solar heaters are environmentally friendly, but they tend to be useless on cloudy days. Besides, the huge installation cost can be a barrier for people to opt for solar options. In the end, it's the local climate and the budget that can be a great aid to you in determining the type of heaters to buy.

  1. Pool pumps: 

Pool pumps are used to circulate and filter the pool water, keeping it clean and clear. You will find two types of pool pumps on the market. They are variable pump pools and single-speed pool pumps. The former pump option works at a constant speed and is affordable but is less energy efficient. The latter one allows you to adjust the speed as per your unique needs and is energy-efficinet. At last, choose a pool pump that fits perfectly according to your pool size for optimal performance.

  1. Saltwater systems:

Salt water systems are used to balance the chlorine content, providing a gentler and more natural way to sanitize your pool water. One of the most attractive features of these pool supplies is their ability to provide soft water devoid of any harmful chemicals. Also, the maintenance of this pool system is pretty easy. A regular check of salt level and periodic testing is required to ensure optimal performance. Consider a saltwater system for an enjoyable and eco-friendly swimming experience.


4. Pool lights 

The pool lights are not only an addition to the general outlook of the pool, but they also provide safety, especially in the nights and evenings. LED light bulbs would be a great option for you because of their energy efficiency and durability. Next to that, you might consider neon lights, which are known for their powerful illumination. On the other hand, while you are choosing pool lights, do not forget to consider factors such as brightness, efficiency, and easy installation. A beautiful light system is a must-have for your pool, to create a great visual effect.

  1. Filter cartridges: 

Filter cartridges play a major role in the removal of dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the pool water. There are three main types of filter cartridges: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE). Sand filters are cost-effective but need to be backwashed more often. Cartridge filters are simple to operate and provide perfect filtration. DE filters give the highest level of filtration and the most demanding maintenance. Select the filter cartridge that is suitable for your pool's size and maintenance. 

  1. Pool covers and liners: 

People use pool covers and liners to save their pools from dirt, debris, evaporation, and heat loss. Solar covers help in retaining heat and reducing chemical use. Safety covers add an extra layer of protection to your pool area and prevent accidents. When looking for pool covers, consider the factors mentioned below: 


      Right fit

      Ease of use


Consider shopping for these essential pool supplies to increase the life of your pool and also increase its charm. 

Final Words! 

In the end, know that it takes effort to manage and keep your pool in a plunge-worthy condition. You can lower the effort of pool cleaning and maintenance with the help of quality pool supplies. Shop from quality online stores such as Amazon or K&J leisure pool supply stores to enjoy discounts and the best deals on your purchase in Canada. Also, remember to follow periodic equipment maintenance to get a higher return on your investment.



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