What Are the Occasions For Which Renting a Sprinter in Chicago Is Ideal?

Are you a Chicagoan? If so, you know the city is a vibrant hub of various events, attractive tourist sites, and lavish venues used for multiple occasions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the correct transportation that suits an occasion.


According to a Statista report, the revenue for passenger car leasing and rental in Illinois is expected to be $3.999,0 million by 2024. It means that Chicago has a thriving market for car rentals for its residents to choose from. But if you want a spacious, versatile, and comfortable vehicle that is apt for varied occasions, renting a Sprinter van is best. You can choose a vehicle based on your preferences and commute with ease.


Are you wondering about the occasions for which you can rent a Sprinter van? This article will shed light on it so that you can make an informed choice.

A High-End Corporate Seminar

Chicago is the hub of global brands that have helped the city become a prominent name in the global economy. The city is home to leading names like Home Chef (food and e-commerce), Supernova Technology (fintech), TMS (marketing tech), PatientPoint (healthtech), and others. More often than not, successful brands arrange corporate seminars in elite venues like RedRose Banquets, Morgan Arts Complex, Puttery Chicago, and The Arbory.


If you are an entrepreneur and want to present your employees in style and class for seminars in similar venues, you can connect with a company specializing in Sprinter rental in Chicago. The service providers in the city provide multiple van sizes to select from based on your requirements. The vehicles provided are in excellent condition, which makes your employees appear accomplished.

A City Photography Tour

Are you a shutterbug and have a tribe waiting to photograph the city from unique angles? If so, you need to visit places like Navy Pier, where you can have scenic views of the Ferris Wheel, the skyline, and Lake Michigan. Other places include Millennium Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Garden, and the Rookery Building. You can also include city street art and murals.


For Chicago street photography, you and your team will need your entire paraphernalia. It mostly includes an advanced camera model, zoom and portrait lenses, a tripod, a camera bag, and a lens hood. It is difficult to walk around and click pictures carrying the entire kit. Hence, opting for a company specializing in Sprinter vans in Chicago is a wise decision.


Since the fleet of vans provided are spacious, you and your friends can travel with ease and comfort. The car has ample storage space to keep photography kits and ensure its safety. Eminent Limo states these vans are apt for such outings because they are tailor-made for road trips. The vehicle can accommodate a vast group of people. Also, vans are allowed in most places compared to cars and buses.

A Picnic With Family

Known as the Windy City, Chicago offers several lush green spaces and lakeside parks for family picnics. Some of the well-known names to choose from include Lincoln Park, Grant Park, Lakefront Trail, and Promontory Point.


A Sprinter van is the best vehicle to choose for this occasion because it can accommodate 14 people. Even if your family is less than 14 members, there is ample space to accommodate the various items you need for a picnic. It includes mats, picnic baskets, water bottles, magazines, music players, umbrellas, shades, and many more.


That aside, everyone wants to travel comfortably to their chosen picnic spot. Sprinter vans offer amenities like climate control and DVD players. It helps to set a fun mood while you are traveling.

Wedding Receptions

If there’s a wedding in the family, you will have several guests attending it. One of the crucial tasks here is to receive the guests from the airport and ensure that they have a smooth journey to the wedding venue. Count on the Sprinter vans for this in Chicago.


Leading brands in this niche ensure that the assigned driver arrives on time at the O'Hare International Airport and the Midway International Airport, to receive your guests. The drivers are well acquainted with the routes and ensure the guests reach the wedding venue without delays. On the way, they can share interesting facts about the city and engage in a warm conversation.


In conclusion, selecting the correct vehicle to reach high-end events and other venues in Chicago is essential. Other than ensuring a comfortable and safe commute, it also ensures you travel in style. Sprinter vans are here to stay in the city. Hence, if you have to attend any of the events mentioned above, you can depend on this vehicle rental option.

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